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WBC counter protest @ Temple! [Apr. 4th, 2010|10:26 pm]
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The Westboro Baptist Church was supposed to come to Temple to protest the showing of RENT and The Matthew Shepard Story. It seemed to be an elaborate April Fool's joke, but we still had around 2,000 people to show up and support the counter protest!
The theme was "nonsensical signs."

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. And for more, go to my facebook album.

I totally borrowed this camera from my school. It's crazy epic.
I must do this more often.


[User Picture]From: daylight_broke
2010-04-05 02:38 am (UTC)


Aww, you look adorable in the last pic. Oh, I forgot to leave a comment from a post you made a long time ago where you acted in a video. You should be an actress. For real.

Sometimes my internet connection disconnects abruptly when I'm reading LJ posts or leaving a comment. I watched your performance in the video awhile back and was in the middle of typing a comment--then the internet disconnected. I told myself back then I would leave you a comment when the internet came back on. But then I forgot. :(

Those counterattack signs in the photos are funny as hell!
[User Picture]From: robotsinmyattic
2010-04-06 12:14 am (UTC)


Ahah~ Why thank you. :)
It's totally cool! I have barely even been ON livejournal for the last couple weeks! I feel like I've missed too many other people's posts. :(

Oh man! It was so much fun!
[User Picture]From: fox_of_no_grace
2010-04-05 03:53 am (UTC)


Oh jeez. Where do I begin?
I lmao'd. Hard.
These signs. XDDD I wish I was there.

'Disregard females, acquire currency' XDD
Did those signs just Rick Roll me?
'ASS is the new VAGINA' never have I seen a truer statement.

What is that sign about the fetus saying? XD Behind Glen Coco girl.

You's so beautiful, girl. Srsface. The camera loves youuuu.
[User Picture]From: robotsinmyattic
2010-04-06 12:18 am (UTC)


It was something like... "If the fetus is conceived gay, would you still save it?"
[User Picture]From: fox_of_no_grace
2010-04-06 07:47 am (UTC)


Oh wow. o.o
That's pretty deep.
From: (Anonymous)
2010-11-18 04:20 am (UTC)

"If the fetus is born gay, will you still protect its rights?"


I was "ass is the new vagina" and I'm friends with "glenn coco", "god is dead" and "if the fetus is born gay".

A friend linked me to this blog when she saw me. She found it on reddit!


Here's another picture of all of our signs!
[User Picture]From: robotsinmyattic
2010-11-18 08:17 pm (UTC)

Re: "If the fetus is born gay, will you still protect its rights?"


This made me so happy. :)
Your signs were awesome! What reddit post did you see this linked at?
(i hope you read this haha)
From: catboots
2010-04-05 01:55 pm (UTC)


Hahaha those signs are amazing. I fucking love the God Hates Finn one, and the robot unicorn attack one too
From: seph_hunter
2010-04-06 01:26 am (UTC)


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I saw a different pic of the GOD HATES FINN duo somewhere else and don't know for the life of me where it was.