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Robots In My Attic

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<3 [Nov. 24th, 2014|12:40 am]
Robots In My Attic
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hello friends.

if you have stumbled upon my sad, decrepit livejournal account out of chance, stalking, or curiosity...

1. old posts have been made friends-only
2. tinypic (where i used to host photos and art images) has begun replacing old and broken links with new photos of questionable content. if you're a friend and are about to snoop through my archive- BEWARE. i have no idea what my images have been replaced with.
3. i am too lazy to go through and delete all the images in my posts, but am too attached to this account to fully delete everything.
4. i am not making all of my posts fully private, because... who cares? what's the point? whatever. deal with it.

you can now find me in a couple of different places:


i go to graduate school for comics and work at a comics library now, so there's a lot of that sort of thing at those links.


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